Make Unique Wedding Invitation Envelopes Pop

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Make Unique Wedding Invitation Envelopes Pop

We know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for wedding invitations. Never judge an invitation to his envelope! But if the envelope is so good-it’s normal to get excited about what’s inside. First impressions are everything, so we’re here to help you highlight your wedding invitation envelope and really set the stage for your big day, even before guests open the invitation. So you can make your wedding envelopes appear with Minted.

Bright or Bold colors

The last thing you want is for your invitation to get lost or get mixed up in a sea of boring and standard old snail mail. Then let’s say, bring the color! Nothing attracts someone’s attention like a beautiful bright or bold color.

Minted offers colorful envelopes in a range of eye-catching and moody colors, including eggplant in white ink, a stunning black in white ink, or a rich navy in white ink, for a nominal fee. We love the idea of using speckled kraft paper envelopes as well (especially with the set of bold invitations) to make sure your envelope doesn’t get “lost” in the mail stack

No annoying spaces here! For your wedding invitations, think of the outer envelope as your blank canvas and opt to use the entire space when you address the invitations to your guests. Instead of small or standard fonts, straight, opt for large, full fonts instead, which take up most of the area of the envelope!

We love the way the “deliver to” is written on the envelopes of Kelly Schmidt’s Purple Design suite. Although personal information is still small and clear to read (all factors will appreciate!) the wispy police certainly attracts our attention.

Another excellent choice is the wide design of wedding invitation envelopes in the modern commercial jhudy suite. The fine font, similar to calligraphy, fills the width of the envelope and leaves nothing else to be desired.

Gaskets made of wax

What not to love in a wax seal? They are classic, timeless and super exciting to watch. There is something about her that makes her feel royal or regal. And why don’t your guests feel special? With Minted, wax seals are easy! (No wax flows or melts here!)

Minted’s self-adhesive wax seals work more like raised stickers. They are pressed one by one with motifs, monograms and feelings that will give guests that feeling of excitement when they open their invitation.

Shop Minted collection here.


When planning a wedding, you probably heard the expression “everything is in detail” about a thousand times. But it’s so true! If you want your wedding invitation envelopes to burst and at the same time be a little more subtle, add a printed lining! When your guest opens the invitation, it’s an unexpected way to show them that you’re focusing on every little detail that makes your day so special.

To facilitate the selection of a coating with embossed invitations, each selection will display on its website a proposed coordinated coating in a suitable design or sheet (gold, silver or rosé gold). And the best part? They are removable and adhesive, so it couldn’t be easier to increase your wedding invitation envelopes.

Custom Go

Minted’s end-to-end bridal suite design option allows couples to create a fully personalized wedding invitation suite that includes their data backup, all-day stationery, thank you cards, etc.

Work with a dedicated artist to make things “totally personalized and totally yours.””You can make eye-catching, elegant and bold wedding invitation envelopes that will not only burst, but create a feeling of anticipation among your guests that will make you count the days until your big day! Find out more about your individual invitation design here.


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