Delicious Menu Ideas That Guests Will Love

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Delicious Menu Ideas That Guests Will Love

Previously, weddings were notorious for bad bridesmaid dresses and even worse food. But fortunately, both of these things have changed a lot in the last 10 years. Now gourmet couples and their guests can enjoy thoughtful wedding menus that feel like they ate in a 5-star restaurant rather than in their grandmother’s food hall. (And yes, there is even a chance that you will hear this long-awaited compliment: “It was the best wedding dinner I’ve ever had!”)

We asked our favorite wedding professionals to share the wedding menu ideas that are currently popular — and which they think wedding guests will like in 2022-2024. So say goodbye to dry chicken breasts and salmon as the only starter choice. These meal ideas will help you create the perfect wedding menu!

The best trends in the wedding menu

Here’s what vendors across the country are currently seeing when it comes to wedding menus.

Menus that include an experience

After all, a wedding is an experience, so there’s no reason why the wedding food scene shouldn’t be as full of experiences, notes Keith Willard, owner of Keith Willard Events in Oakland Park, Florida. “A good example of this is a company called Frost321, which uses nitrogen to freeze alcohol and then adds the ice cream ingredients to make alcoholic ice cream,” he says. “Not only is it unique, but the use of nitrogen also creates a cloud of waves and the ice is produced in small batches, which allows customers to create their own type of alcoholic ice cream with the taste and alcohol of their choice.”

Farm (or Ranch) at the table

As a venue in a ranch community, Kathie Jacobsen, owner of La Joya Dulce in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, often sees a demand for farm-to-market menus. “As a tourist destination, couples are passion with offering wonderful meals to all their guests and offer beautiful options to vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free and omnivores by being environmentally friendly and asking caterers to source locally,” she says. “This theme allows organic presentations on charcuterie tables with dominant cheeses, vegetables and fruits from the region — with greens from the [farm] used as part of the establishment and presentation.”

Design kitchen-designated bars

Another fun trend that Jacobsen sees is designer bars for the main course or Dessert. These include potato bars, pasta bars, pizza or Mac and cheese bars, and even ice cream bars, in which companions prepare the dish according to their personal preferences.

“[You] can customize these designer bars for specific customers who are vegan or gluten-free, for example,” she says. “We can offer gluten-free cauliflower noodles with Marinara topped with peas, as a replacement for pasta bolognese and meatballs.”

Homemade recipes with a twist

“In recent years, weddings have become more devoted and who they celebrated with has become more specific,” says Willard. “The idea of taking grandma’s recipe for pork ribs, adding interesting twists, and then plating it differently takes the old one and does it again. Also, couples can talk about the fact that the dish is rooted in family history.


Yes, sauces – they just have a serious Moment in the culinary world and, according to Willard, are emphasized at weddings. “The little squiggle on the plate looks like a nice decoration, but the chefs really wanted the guests to use this Sauce while eating. Now they are more obvious with this, but put it right next to the food or on top of it,” he says. “Sauces are also becoming more complex. For example, in the past you may have seen a champagne and lemon sauce, but now you add a bunch of spices, peppers, salts, etc. to create a multifaceted experience.”


According to Nora Sheils, co-founder of Rock Paper Coin and founder of Bridal Bliss, mini versions of Comfort Food are making a big appearance at weddings this summer. “Whether it’s cocktails or after-night treats, customers love mini-Macs and cheese appetizers, mini-Tacos, mini-grills and all the delicious comfort food in small versions so you can enjoy several,” she says. Paula Ramirez, owner of the historic Mankin Mansion Private Wedding & Event Estate in Richmond, Va., has also seen this trend, especially with entryways. “The good news is that a lot of things can be mini-made-from soup shots and tiny avocado toast to smaller versions of chicken and waffles,” she says.

Surprise bites until after at night

The longer the party lasts, the more likely it is that there will be appetizers at the end of the evening, which is a good thing for hungry guests. “From takeaway trucks driving around to a rickshaw around the reception, to dancers or aerial artists bringing items, it’s going to be a dining experience that guests will love,” Sheils says. “Logistics are the key here-you’ll want to do this well and make sure these items are handed over in an area where most guests will be towards the end of the night!”

Custom-made Desserts

Big cakes haven’t been around for years, and in their place, macaroons, pies, lady Fingers, Cupcakes and cake Pops have taken over, Jacobsen notes. “This allows for alternatives that offer a sensory experience, from crispy to sticky, and ensures that customers can graze whenever they want and no cake needs to be served,” she says. “Find a local bakery with Desserts that not only look good, but also taste good.”

Our Favorite Wedding Menu Templates

Make your guests feel like they are in a high-end restaurant with a personalized menu at every seat. Here are some of our favorite models from Minted.


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