All About Smart Convertible Wedding Dress

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All About Smart Convertible Wedding Dress

Putting on several dresses for different wedding celebrations looks fun and fantastic. This is becoming, so to speak, the “norm” for brides! Brides most often make two outfits – one for the ceremony and the other for the wedding celebration. But it also requires a larger Budget and double purchase stress, which may not be feasible for all brides. In addition, for many, it contributes to Fast Fashion.

Usually, it is a sheath dress with a skirt that turns into an A-line dress or a traditional ball gown, that is, with two styles in one. And don’t worry, girls, a Convertible dress is stylish, very practical, definitely, a thing, can offer customizable styles, and fits almost any budget.

At Cocomelody, we have stunning convertible wedding dresses that will help you steal the show. Not only two in one but our convertible wedding dress 2022 offers several Looks. You will be surprised how many styles you can create with just one dress and a few minimal and graceful Add-Ons. So, take the stress out of shopping for your wedding dress and get inspired by Cocomelody.


When Cocomelody, we usually use two Types of Silhouette A-Line and Trumpets. Our sizes mainly range from 0 to 28, but we can also include other sizes than standard sizes, that is, custom sizes. With our collection of Lily White convertible dresses, you will find high dresses (shells), removable skirts and even cute belts and other Accessories for different tastes.

Dani CW2422, our attractive stuntman, can be styled in 12 awesome ways. This basic dress is custom-made to flatter each bride’s figure, which is then combined with toppers, overlays and underlays to change her Look and bring creative tailoring into a whole new Dimension. Every year our team sets new standards with innovative bridal outfits for a fresh and practical wind.


Do you want to create a dreamy and Ah so gorgeous Look? Let CW2463 Viviana make your head spin. This is a two-piece outfit with a bolero and an inner dress. You can also add more details with a simple and chic belt and match your Look.

Take the basic inner dress to the next level and make your Boho dreams come true with Cw2466 Yaretzi. It comes with a transparent corset top made of Chantilly lace on the inside and a voluminous removable tulle skirt on the outside.

Dress for an autumn/winter wedding with CW2473 Zainab, an ultrafeminine two-piece set made of Swiss tulle with polka dots, a Floral V-neck top, Puh bishop sleeves, and a closed back with mother-of-pearl buttons.


Shining and looking good throughout the wedding day is a lot to ask of a single wedding dress. But what if you don’t have the Budget for several outfits? Well, that’s where a transformable, all-in-one wedding dress comes in. Pair it with smart and unique Accessories and juggle different Looks like a pro!

Want to know more about the inexpensive convertible wedding dress? Visit Cocomelody’s website to choose her dress and get the most out of her Look!

At Cocomelody Bridal Boutique LA Store we also offer convertible wedding dresses that look even more luxurious. Talk to our friendly and professional stylists, and we will help you find the dress of your dreams. Make an appointment with Cocomelody today and buy the best.


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